Friday, May 29, 2009


Sometimes I visit my favorite “decay” photostreams on Flickr—Rot Squad or Rust Rules-- for a color/texture idea (I did tell you I was the Queen of Rust!) to jog me out of a design rut. Sometimes it's the creative promise in a big pile of brand-new Premo clay or a little forest of Ranger inks. Or bags and bags of silver beads from Jatayu, my current favorite go-to for silver components. It's the raw “potential” that gets me excited-- the “what-can-I make-with-this?” feeling, creative energy at its juicy best.

I love getting supplies in the mail-- which, living in rural Vermont, is usually the only way I can get specialized stuff. I always forget what I've ordered online so it's like Christmas in May when I grab my paring knife and slice into the packing tape. Yesterday my order from Whole Lotta Whimsy arrived with some new Ranger alcohol inks so I had to try them all out immediately. Color waits for no woman!

I'm still having fun with the ink/mica powders connection and came up with some work yesterday that has some potential. Not everything works out the first time but hey, if it did, it wouldn't be any fun and I would probably miss out on some interesting accidents!

"Quiet Spaces" necklace - available in my Etsy shop


  1. Christine, when I see all those goodies I get weak, especially the silver!! I have purchased quite a bit from Jatayu...and Connie's jewelry is fab.....just like yours!! Love your quiet spaces!

  2. beautiful pieces, christine, as always! i'm still only online at internet cafe so will check back with you (and everyone else) to see what you are up to soon. Hope to be back and running soon. at least we have a phone now!!