Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Bracelet for Villa - Progress Report

In a world where it sometimes seems that the rude, the greedy and the heartless triumph, I have seen that there is hope for this Third Rock from the Sun, even if it shows up in the form of a tiny charm.

I invited, and you responded-- 28 folks that wanted to do something for a person they don't even know and for no other motivation than it felt right to do. It was like a little miracle taking place in rural Vermont, watching those bundles of creativity and hope arrive in my mailbox, knowing each one was made just especially for Vila and sent with love and good wishes. All were handmade with care and all were different. Some were metal, some were resin, some were glass, some were polymer clay. All of them are precious to me and I look on them as on a great treasure because they came from the heart, the source of the greatest resource we have as human beings-- the ability to care about and empathize for a person other than ourselves.

As I sit here, my mind swirls with possibilities-- I'm thinking of a way to expand this out into the wider world, to keep sending hope in the form of a charm, to touch someone who we don't know at all but in whom we recognize our own humanity. A way of paying it forward. We know that our crafting community is worldwide, we could celebrate our global connection in the way we love best-- making art and sharing it!

Next Monday I'll announce the names that were picked by the random number generator to receive the thank-you gifts from me. I've added another two to the group-- but I'll keep the surprise until next week!

Thanks to all of you for your kind and thoughtful generosity and for being my partners in this. Bless you all!