Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Rewards

For all of you who contributed to the Villa Bracelet project, my thanks and my apologies. I posted that I would get the “rewards” sorted out last month and then life intervened-- as it does when you're not paying attention-- and now it's May! More about my distractions in my next post but now I'm moving along again in a more or less straight direction and it's time to announce who the Random Number Generator picked to receive the goodies. I added 2 more to the mix so five people will receive some of my work as a thank-you for their contribution. Here are the two additions:

Tribal Pattern earrings

Domino pendant

First picked was Jana Osborne and she will receive my Metro earrings.

Next was Mary Jane Dodd and a set of my Bumblebeads will be flying her way.

Third the Generator picked Lori Anderson-- Hi Lori!-- and I'll be sending her one of my faux ivory cuffs.

The fourth person chosen was Susan Colosimo, hope you like your Domino pendant!

And last but not least, Barbara Lewis-- for the Tribal Pattern earrings.

If you will all please send me your addresses, I'll get these out to you in the mail this week.

Please know that strong and peaceful energy and good vibes went into each and every piece I'm sending out to you fabulous ladies! But all of you are in my heart as well and will be with me as I begin to put Villa's bracelet together tomorrow.