Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Twelve Pairs of Earrings

I love to play in my studio. So much so that I have boxes and trays of 'one-offs' that were either little experiments or tryout pieces for something that either never got finished or ended up not needed. Orphans. They're valuable little orphans for they opened my eyes to a new technique or proved I could do something with the clay that I had only envisioned in my sketchbook. But they seem a bit sad this time of year-- they want to evolve, to become a part of something larger.

So to end up 2011 I decided to give them all homes in earring sets. Or at least 12 sets-- it resonates somehow with 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'-- “12 pairs of earrings, 11 lords a'leaping, 10 ladies dancing”, etc. These are going immediately into my Etsy shop or they'll end up being worn by me!

For all of you who are doing some late shopping or just because we all need to gift ourselves sometimes-- for whatever reason-- here are my offerings and please enjoy the eye candy. They're the only sweets this holiday season that won't go right to your hips!

I'm rushing to get these listed in my Etsy shop but if you fancy a particular pair, please convo me at Etsy and I can put a Reserve listing up for you.

And from our house to yours--have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas!

Imaginarium earrings - Available in my Etsy shop

Textured and stacked polymer clay dangles, patinated with acrylic
paint and gilders wax, embellished with frosted resin windows

Poinciana earrings - Available in my Etsy shop

Polymer clay patterned with handmade molds, colored with oil paints and gilders wax - brass earwires

Winter Moon earrings - Available in my Etsy shop

Polymer clay patterned with a mold made from an antique picture frame, colored with alcohol inks, embellished with handforged copper washers patinated with gilders wax - copper earwires

Ulan Bator earrings - Available in my Etsy shop

African glass, coral disks, Ethiopian clay spacers, copper spacers and findings, handmade and patinated links, crystals, tagua nut tubes

Ostia earrings - Available in my Etsy shop

Handmade polymer clay stacked elements with resin centers, patinated with gilders wax, antique Roman glass disks, Greek ceramic spacers, brass spacers and findings

Horn of Africa earrings - Available in my Etsy shop

Handmade and textured polymer clay dangles, antiqued brass beads,
 handmade enamel bead caps by Mairedodd, brass earwires

Telluride earrings - Available in my Etsy shop

Polymer clay formed with a mold made from an antique picture frame and colored with alcohol inks and colored pencil - copper earwires

Edgy Sugarplum earrings - Available in my Etsy shop

Polymer clay textured with a mold from an antique picture frame,
colored with alcohol inks and patinated with gilders wax - silver earwires

Silken Tent earrings - Available in my Etsy shop

Polymer clay disks, rayon fibers, African bronze spacers, bone beads, Ghana daisy spacers, handforged bronze earwires

Heart of Winter earrings - Available in my Etsy shop

Polymer clay hearts from a repousse original, handforged and patinated antique bronze disks, antique star findings, bone spacers, bronze earwires

Carpathia earrings - Available in my Etsy shop

Polymer clay mokume gane technique dangles, repourposed patinated brass embellishments, bronze earwires

Valley of the Kings earrings - Available in my Etsy shop

Polymer clay elements done in the mokume gane technique, handforged and patinated brass washers and dangles, bronze spacers and earwires

Sunday, December 11, 2011

By the Numbers

Numbers have great significance in many cultures. In Western culture, the number “3” philosophically describes the Deity in both Christian and Celtic societies. In Navajo culture, “4” represents Nature's essential elements-- wind, water, air and fire. The discovery of the zero allowed civilization to advance in science and mathematics. Numbers represent our birthdays, wedding days, holidays and significant dates in our world's history.

But as designers, we just love numerals because of their unique graphic appeal. They are like ancient runes, significant because of what they represent but pictorial in their aspect. They are modern hieroglyphics, language and design all together.

I love browsing typeface sites like so many cool fonts that drive my imagination wild. I used to work in a graphics department and I've never lost my love for letters. But recently I was invited by the folks at Create Mixed Media, publisher Northlight Books' blog, to create a set of numerals for this week, December 11-17, for the blog which they call "The Week as Art". Seven days' worth of numerals are depicted by a different mixed media artist every week. I decided to make mine in polymer clay and embellish them with lots of texture and color. Here they are in full size.

December 11
Black polymer clay, hand-applied impressed designs, heat-set oil paint

December 12
Bronze polymer clay, hand-applied textures from silicone molds, German Silver gilders wax

December 13
Ivory polymer clay, heat-set oil paint to antique and color

December 14
Polymer clay, hand-applied texture, heat-set oil paints, African Bronze gilders wax

December 15
Polymer clay, faux bark handmade texture sheet, heat-set oil paint

December 16
White polymer clay, commercial texture sheet, heat-set oil paint, Silver gilders wax

December 17
Mokume gane veneer polymer clay - metallic and opaque clays

 If you haven't discovered the Create Mixed Media blog, head over there to check it out. There are lots of informative and interesting posts by both editors and guest editors on wide-ranging topics of interest to anyone interested in jewelry-making and every kind of mixed media, covering everything from art retreats to setting up a home studio or marketing your work. This week on Thursday, December 15, there is a webinar by my friend, Barbara Lewis, author of Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry. Registration is free but be sure to reserve yourself a place.