Friday, July 27, 2012

Change is Good


I’ve been wanting to change my blog header for a while but had been unwilling to put the time into learning the vagaries of digital photo editing with the confusing array of formats, pixels and photoshopping options. But as I approach my 100th post I know it’s time I updated my look to acknowledge the evolution of my artistic style.

Friends Cindy Wimmer and Claire Maunsell came to my rescue. Cindy turned me on to PicMonkey, a very user-friendly and fun program (don’t let yourself get too carried away with features) that has significantly more ability than my very low-level, free Photoshop program. Claire was having issues with Blogger, as was I, and discovered Windows Live Writer—which saved my sanity and my hair (as in the tearing out of) and has made blogging a pleasure once again. Also, Live Writer has a very easy-to-use photo resizer so I can manipulate the images easily.

So now I’ve been playing around on PicMonkey and stored up several other headers so I have them on hand when my next urge to update arrives. 

So your patience with my housekeeping shall be rewarded with some eye candy. Here are several new pairs of earrings I’ve made for the ongoing 52 Pairs of Earrings Flickr group that I belong to. Now that I’ve taken the plunge and updated my blog template, I can also make my photos larger and my surface treatments show up to much better advantage.














  1. the blog looks fabulous! i love the header... how nice of claire and cindy... thus far, i have only done editing through picnik... will have to look into the other... and the earrings, really are just proof of your versatility and knowledge of your medium... i have to say though, i really love 'molten'... the crackle effect is just wonderful!

  2. Wonderful new look!
    I have to admit, I still haven`t gotten the hang of the new blogger templates...
    Your new work - the earrings - all have a very organic quality - absolutely fascinating!

  3. Christine, I took a peak at your new blog yesterday but didn't want to leave hurried comments via my cell phone on the beach! :-) I am taking it all in...and admiring what I see! I recognize the piece in your new header as that gorgeous sea-inspired piece you shared not too long ago (that one really called my name). I'm glad you're finding PicMonkey to be helpful! It's a great tool in one's photo-editing arsenal. It's so easy, it's almost like cheating. :-) I used it to adjust the colors and sharpen the BSBP party pictures I posted today. I love that you can now show your pictures much larger. We want to see all the incredible details that only a master like you can dream up....
    What a stunning array of earrings! I have gone back to take in each pair. Molten has such an amazing crackled finish! And it appears to have tentacles reaching around from behind. You have a way of adding on layers and incredible raised details. When I saw Tectonic, I wanted to put them on right away. I imagine they are long and bold, and just what I want to wear this summer ....are they in your shop?? ;-) Enfolded features those tentacles again, underneath shiny, golden rings. The flat portion seems to have a landscape scene or view across the ocean- so beautiful. And you know I love your spiral pair with the petals of a flower - on the more dainty side for your work. Now Distorted are so cool! I'll have to show my boys because I know they'll love these! They remind me of little aliens for your earlobes. :-) Amoeba are incredible - they look like something I would find building up on rocks under the sea. The color you achieved is so rich.
    You have a way of transforming images from your imagination in to tangible, wearable jewelry. What a breath-taking post, Christine. Earrings are truly your passion and it sure shows!

  4. These are awesome! Now I'm curious about live writer?

  5. I am hyperventilating over all the texture...beautiful work...