Monday, December 13, 2010

Art for the Sake of It

It's fine and well to make art strictly for the joy of it. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of seeing a concept through to the end-- to make reality of a thought, a feeling, an interpretation.

Although I've spent many years making art, I previously had little to show for it. A rug here, a garment there. I gave everything away. Until I started making jewelry, I didn't even have a portfolio of work to show for the hours and years of creative endeavor.

Now I've got a blog, a Flickr page, magazines that have published my work and lots of pieces of jewelry, all testament to the fact that I'm a "creative person". Trouble is, I'm a bit swamped with all of it. Lately some other artists have blogged about their urge to clean out, free up and open a space for creativity. My cousin chastised me a little last week, urging me to sell more-- “you can't wear everything” she said. That's true. But those of you who also create know that selling your work is like auctioning your babies. Will any amount that you are compensated really be adequate reward for the love, thought and care that you put into them?

But maybe having the freedom to express yourself and let your ideas fly and hopefully touch another person is compensation enough in itself? Maybe when that person wears it they will feel a little of what you put into it, what you felt yourself, how proud you were of your creation. My best customer really gets me. She truly understands what I'm trying to say, even when I don't fully know myself. When I let something go to her, I know it will be loved, cared for, understood, appreciated. What more could I ask for?

So I'll be putting some old favorites and special pieces of mine in my Etsy shop in the coming days and also some new work I've just created. If you've purchased from me before, please convo me if you want to purchase something-- I have some thank-you discounts for you. If you're not familiar with my jewelry, I welcome you to visit my Etsy shop and browse. Until December 25, all domestic shipping is free. Maybe you'll find something you will enjoy wearing as much as I enjoyed making.

Serengeti earrings - now in my Etsy shop

Kandinsky necklace - SOLD - Thank you!

Depth Earrings - now in my Etsy shop

Marrakesh earrings - now in my Etsy shop

Dark and Stormy Night Necklace - now in my Etsy shop

Disintegration Earrings - now in my Etsy shop
 Thrones Necklace - now in my Etsy shop


  1. i absolutely positively connect to what you are saying... some pieces i make i set to the side... never occurs to me to sell them... if my kids are my heart, my work is my soul... and it is so hard to give that away - no matter the financial compensation... your work is divine - and will be treasured...

  2. Beautiful work, Christine. I know you'll find lots of good homes for these!

  3. I hold on to some pieces - as long as I need to communicate with them. But usually, I have so much I want to make, that when I am finished with a piece, I have already finished the dialog and therefore it is not a problem to let it go.

  4. Truly. Madly. Deeply.
    That is how I see you creating and I can fully understand how that passion is so hard to release to the world where it might not be loved nearly the same.
    But I have found that part of the experience of art is to connect with people on that deeper level. To know that my piece has touched their soul in some way. That is has a magic all its own for them. That is when I know that I am truly deserving of the moniker artist. Bravo for you for letting things go. And there will be more babies to take their place! Enjoy the day, Christine! Know that I cherish you!

  5. I feel your pain Christine. I use to keep and gift everything I created, but then I Love, love to create therefore selling my wears is a way for me to create more...expand my horizons, if you will. Afterall, if some special soul purchases your treasures then chances are your creation will be well cared for. Parting with your "babies" gets easier.

  6. Christine, I can completely relate to you as well. I believe lately I keep more than I put up for sale. I know what time and thought goes in to the piece, and you can't put a price tag on that. I'm glad you're sharing some of your masterpieces with the world though....and it's n o surprise that Kadinski piece is sold - it is AMAZING. I'm looking forward to seeing your new pieces too!

  7. Perhaps that's why I like to make supplies - they are mostly made without those gut-wrenching decisions that go into a finished piece of jewelry...