Thursday, July 8, 2010


Milestones are markers, like the stones that the Romans set up to guide travelers along their system of paved roads. That's the operative word here-- “guiding”- to show a pathway rather than mark a destination or goal, a meaning used more frequently in these 21st century times.

I believe that a milestone guides you in a direction as well as to a specific place. It's not a time to sit down and relax, to dwell on your achievements but rather to mark a passage and chart a direction for the future.

My goals when I first started this blog, this electronic journal (or journey) were to inspire, encourage and inform my readers in their creative endeavors. Obviously a pathway to doing that was to have my work, techniques and ideas published in print and online so as to reach more people. My first online contacts were with other art beadmakers and jewelry artists and I naturally hoped some day to get my work in the publications that inspired me the most. My Apocalypto Beads showed up in The Best of Stringing Magazine in a collaboration with Lorelei Eurto and this past spring I got my very own page in Stringing for my necklace tutorial “Reading the Stones”.

This past January I was contacted by the editor of Belle Armoire Jewelry, Christen Oliverez, on a referral from my good friend and fellow artist Deryn Mentock. I couldn't have been more thrilled or surprised, since BAJ was one of several magazines that I absolutely adored and admired for the quality of their articles and presentation.

So now I can announce that my very first tutorial has been published in BAJ in the Summer 2010 issue, called “Pas de Deux”. I am pleased as punch to be included with some friends (Barbara Lewis and Deryn Mentock) as well as other artists that I greatly respect for their work. But I won't be resting on my laurels, since I am full of creative energy and new ideas – for me the recognition is like a super wonderful tonic! I'm planning a book and hoping to teach my first classes this fall and possibly I'll have a booth at a major bead show next year-- who knows?

As I journey forward, I'm also looking back at pieces I've already completed. Some of these are going in my Etsy store to find new homes, some are being re-worked as my skills increase and my design sense matures in this wonderful medium of polymer clay.

Tundra beads - new in my Etsy shop

Tomb Relic pendant - new in my Etsy shop

Dance of the Ancestors - new in my Etsy shop

Dance of the Ancestors - detail

Dance of the Ancestors - detail of reverse side

Machu Picchu beads - new in my Etsy shop

Machu Picchu cuff - new in my Etsy shop

Delphi necklace - new in my Etsy shop

Delphi necklace - detail

Delphi necklace - detail


  1. Congratulations on being published in BAJ!! Way to go! Love the Tomb Relic pendant and the Dance of the Ancestors - very gorgeous!

  2. Congratulations on the publications! I sure hope you'll teach in the north Jersey area at some point. Even though I don't work in polymer much anymore I love your work and would certainly take one of your classes! BTW, I LOVE the Delphi piece!

  3. How can BAJ readers not fall in love with your work? Congratulations, Christine! Well deserved. Your newly listed pieces are beautiful in color and detail!

  4. A huge congrat's Christine! Your article is phenomenal, as is your work!! I have been enjoying this issue.

    More, more, more!!

  5. beautiful work and the most sincere congratulations, best luck on your journey!

  6. What fabulous pieces in BAJ this month! And congrats all around! I'd love to take a class and a book sounds devine. Your work is great!

  7. This work is so fabulous! And when I look at BAJ, I'm just amazed and what you did with your work and the expert way you wrote your article. The work is so bright ... it's a pivotal article for this issue. Congratulations, again! I get more and more amazed!