Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Ideas, New Techniques

One of my favorite blogs is French-- Parole de Pate. I love that they post these little tutorials-- “tutes”-- with new techniques that their readers come up with and then share with everyone. You can try them out and really take them places with a little imagination!

It helps to read French but Parole will cheerfully translate for you if you ask. And the pictures are great so you can usually figure out what's going on just by looking.

On Sunday I happened by Parole's site and saw a post about using alcohol inks on raw clay and just had to try it. I'd been experimenting with TLS (liquid polymer clay) combined with inks to create a glazed stoneware effect on polymer clay and so my attention was really focussed on those sadly-ignored little Ranger ink bottles that had been sitting there just full of potential. I recently re-discovered them while experimenting with some faux raku techniques and so I just breezed along with the latest messy fun.

A while later, my wastebasket full of ink-dabbed paper towel and I had a few sets of earrings that I'll share with you now. Oh, and that paper towel is so pretty with all those inky prints, I might just iron one out and resin it up in a bezel! Potential is everywhere-- even in your garbage can.

Metro earrings - Available in my Etsy shop

Nile earrings - Available in my Etsy shop

Twilight earrings - Available in my Etsy shop

Glaze experiments - faux stoneware


  1. too cool! All the earrings are great, I especially like the Nile pair. Off to check out that blog. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very nice! The metro earrings look like metal. All of your work is so beautiful!
    Thanks for the blog link. You can get a close translation with http://translate.google.com
    I like the mokume gane tuto...where else but in France would you be using a 'snail pan' for shaping clay!

  3. Wow, these earrings are lovely! Will have to try this. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Christine, you are always up to such wonderful experimentation...and I just love when you give us a show and tell! Those faux stoneware beads are just gorgeous. And I love those Metro earrings - they sure would go with just about everything! :-)

  5. Beautiful new stuff! Very nice work, Christine...

  6. Beautiful work, as usual! Thanks for sharing the blog, I really have learned many lovely techniques from Parole de Pate, and you!

  7. I really thought these were stoneware! Utterly gorgeous!

  8. I've been wanting to try the faux stoneware for awhile. These are so awesome. I'm inspired again to try out this technique.