Monday, April 6, 2009

Color My World

Looking out on a rainy April garden in Vermont at 7 a.m., I find myself dreaming of color—big, bold swathes of color, like the sea off Maui, or sunrise over the Grand Canyon. But inspiration is only a few clicks of the computer keyboard away--in Flickr. Today I wanted to show you my Apocalypto beads, something I dreamt about after seeing the movie of the same name one evening. Our feathered friend here was my inspiration, as he flitted through the ancient jungles of Mexico and later adorned the headdresses of the Aztec—poor parrot!

Color inspiration is everywhere-- even in the frozen winter landscape. You just have to refine your way of seeing and be open to the possibilities, a talent that is developed over a lifetime but something you can start working on today, right now. Go to Flickr and type in “yellow”. It's a good way to wake up your senses on a Spring morning. Make something yellow this morning and if you stop back tomorrow, I'll show you what I made!


  1. I adore these beads so much, I had to have a set of my own! Gorgeous!

  2. So beautiful colors, these beads are really like tapestry, as said Loreleï.

    xo from France

  3. Thanks! I do have fun with this technique and it produces great results.